Binance executives’ texts and documents show plan to avoid US scrutiny.

1: According to documents, Binance had plans to set up a US subsidiary and use a regulatory-compliant company as a shield. #cryptocurrency #regulation

2: The documents also show that Binance considered listing derivatives on its US platform, a move that could have violated US securities laws. #trading #investing

3: The leaked texts suggest that Binance executives were aware of the regulatory risks of operating in the US and discussed ways to circumvent them. #compliance #riskmanagement

4: Binance has faced increasing regulatory scrutiny in several countries, including the US, Japan, and the UK. #globalbusiness #regulatorycompliance

5: The latest revelations about Binance’s alleged plans to avoid US scrutiny could further complicate the company’s regulatory challenges. #cryptocurrencynews #legalissues

6: Binance has not yet commented on the leaked documents, but the company has previously stated its commitment to regulatory compliance. #corporatestatement #responsibility

8: The cryptocurrency industry continues to face growing regulatory scrutiny as governments seek to address concerns about consumer protection, financial stability, and illicit activity. #blockchain #fintech

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